handwriting headcanons

So first there’s Percy, sort of jerky, a little disjointed, he’s never been much of a fan of writing really but it’s legible - he practiced and practiced when he was little because he didn’t want the other kids to tease him about his dyslexia.

Then there’s Jason, tight and blockish and orderly in true Roman fashion, something of the there’s-only-so-much-room-on-this-stone-arch-so-make-it-count attitude coming through.

Annabeth's might be neat if it weren't so hurried, but who's got the time to worry about something like handwriting anyway.

Piper's can't help but turn out pretty even if her last name is a little less legible but then she doesn't like people looking at it too much anyway.

And then Frank, a little blocky and squished like Jason’s but with the noticeable ease of someone who never struggled with his letters like other demigods did.

Leo’s is just a scribble, tired and irritated and scrawled on foster home form after foster home form and at the tops of half-completed homework assignments that won’t get turned in anyway.

And lastly Hazel's, neat and tidy cursive instilled in her at school by strict teachers who seemed to care more about that sort of thing than seemed entirely natural.

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i feel like we don’t talk about the dudebro satyr in the SOM movie enough I mean



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some before bed Hazel. Thanks to neitheram for the suggestion

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• Luke Castellan, son of Hermes.

• Fighting Skills: Even before coming to Camp Half-Blood, Luke was able to survive out in the open for years, even when he lost his sword was forced to use a golf club as a weapon instead.

• Swordsmanship: Luke is an expert swordsman, possibly the best demigod swordsman at Camp Half-Blood during the time he spent there, surpassing even the Ares and Athena demigods.

• Will Power: Luke has a strong will, this was shown when he was able to fight Kronos himself for control of his body.

• Lock Manipulation: Luke can magically sense the internal structure and mechanisms of any lock he touches, and is able to make it unlock. If concentrates enough, Luke can unlock it telekinetically.

• Lock Intuition: Luke can also identify curses and traps placed on locks. If he concentrates hard enough, he can deactivate them.

• Enhanced theft abilities: Luke is able to steal things without people noticing, even Olympian gods, such as when he stole both the Master Bolt and Helm of Darkness.

• Money manipulation: Since Hermes is the god of merchants, Luke mentions in The Diary of Luke Castellan that he is quite good with money.

• Internet manipulation: Even though Luke hasn’t use computers much, Hermes is the god of communications, and even claims to have invented the Internet. Therefore, Luke can instinctively use the Internet.  

• Teleportation: In the The Lightning Thief, Luke vanished in a "ripple of darkness" after swingling his sword through the air. However, whether this was due to his demigod ability as a son of Hermes, or was simply a power of his sword Blackbiter, is unknown.  

• Ancient Greek Alchemy: In The Diary of Luke Castellan, Luke learned to create and find the recipe for magic potions, such as Greek Fire.

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Rick Riordan: oh shoot I can’t think of a cliffhanger for Mark of Athena

Rick Riordan: cliffhanger … cliffhanger … cliff …. hanger … hanging off a cliff ….

Rick Riordan: got it

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sometimes gods have children with humans, this children are called half-bloods or demigods


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Seriously craving fan art today, so I doodled some out of time siblings for my warmup :) I miss drawing pjo so bad.

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Quit acting like a Mortal. →


I’m a little of an older soul in the PJO fandom, and I am literally appalled at the amount of hate and bashing going back and forth.

It makes me sick to see a fandom that was once so large now so small due to immaturity. I never see it on my dash.

People are going to make jokes, say outrageous…

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Percy chilling on the Big House porch with his #womancrushwednesday


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  • Percy: *comes home from defeating Gaea*
  • Sally: *storms out in her bathrobe*
  • Sally: NO NOTE
  • Sally: BED EMPTY
  • Sally: of course, I don't blame you Annabeth dear
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